HTM Tandem Compounding Twin Screw Extruder for PVC and Specialty Compounds

CTE's conventional HTM twin screw extruders have been well received. This time, CTE has developed a twin screw kneading extruder consisting of separate twin and single units, which are integrated as a single unit in these conventional HTM twin screw extruders, and capable of processing rigid PVC and other high-concentration master batches by individually controlling the speed of each screw.



1. High kneading EfficiencyThe high speed rotor of banbury mixer type provides a high kneading efficiency to outperform the conventional corotating twin screw extruders.(Fille content can be more than 70%.)

2. Low Temperature ExtrusionMaterial is kneaded and vacuum-degassed by the HTM twin screw extruder and then extruded by the separately controlled single screw extruder. This mechanism prevents excessive kneading and ensures low-temperature extrusion (the kneading extruder is capable of extruding material at a lower temperature than conventional HTM twin screw extruders).

3. High Extrusion CapacityA set of high speed rotors increased plasticating capacity and as a result the extrusion output.

4. Adaptable for a Broad Range of PolymersAdoption of the screw of segmented construction makes it possible to freely change the type and number of mixing rotors , so that the equipment can be adaptable for the processing of a broad range of polyhters.

5. Side FeedingBy the side feeding system, the fiber length of GF and CF can be controlled freely.

6. Easy cleaning and Color ExchangingNealy no sticking of polymers on the mixing rotors and easy break up of parts make easy the color exchanging of polymers, overhauling and cleaning of equipment.

7. Abration and Corrosion Resistant Steel UsedFor the cylinder and screw are used as standard an abrasion and corrosion resistant steel which was specially developed by a steel maker and CTE.




HTM Tandem Compounding Twin Screw Extruder for PVC and Specialty Compounds specifications

Twin screw

  Unit PVC Commodity resein
Screw diameter mm Φ78
Screw rpm rpm 214 600
Main motor capacity kW 132 160-250
Heater capacity kW 130

Single screw

  Unit PVC Commodity resin
Screw diameter mm Φ140
Screw rpm rpm 50 100
Main motor capacity kW 30 55
Heater capacity kW 33

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