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Name CTE Co., Ltd (Creative Technology & Extruder)
Address 3-4-5 Hinode, Ageo City, Saitama, Japan 362-0032
TEL 048-778-0393
FAX 048-778-0394
Representative Masato Ito
Established January 1993
Business Manufacture and sale of plastic extruders and related equipment
・HTM twin-screw extruder, IPM special single-screw extruder, IPE single-screw extruder
・WPC (composite wood) compounding equipment and contour extrusion equipment
・Recycling equipment (crushing, washing, and granulation equipment)
・Pelletizers, hot cutters, screen changers
・General-purpose sheet manufacturing equipment, foamed sheet manufacturing equipment, T-die, air knife
・Raw material conveying and blending equipment

Sales of plastic machinery made in Taiwan
・Single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, sheet manufacturing equipment, dehumidifying dryers, crystallizing equipment for PET, blow molding equipment. High-speed mixer, loss-in-weight feeder (pellet, paste, liquid)

Sales and maintenance of conical extruders
・Conical extruders, molds, sizing equipment, pull-off cutters, stackers, crushers, grinders, etc.

Extruder modification and maintenance work

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