HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneading Extruder



1.High Compounding CapabilityThe high speed rotor of banbury mixer type provides a high compounding capability to outperform the conventional corotating twin screw extruders. (Filler content can be more than 70%).

2.Low Temperature ExtrusionThe material, after being compounded and freed of air through vacuum, is pushed out using the single screw extruder. This prevents excessive blending and allows extrusion at lower temperatures—10 to 20°C cooler than traditional twin screw equipment.

3.High Extrusion CapacityA set of high speed rotors increased plasticating capacity and as a result the extrusion output.

4. Excellent Operating ConvenienceThe polymer's time within the rotor section for compounding can be adjusted as needed, providing flexibility in controlling the compounding intensity.

5. Adaptable for a Broad Range of PolymersUsing a segmented screw design allows us to easily switch the type and quantity of mixing parts, making the equipment suitable for processing a wide variety of plastics.

6.Side FeedingBy the side feeding system, the fiber length of GF and CF can be controlled freely.

7.Easy Cleaning and Color ExchangingNearly no sticking of polymers on the mixing rotors and easy break up of parts make easy the color exchanging of polymers, overhauling and cleaning of equipment.

8.Energy Conservation and Space SavingSince the twin screw compounding unit and single screw extruder are aligned, the machine is made smaller, and the energy used for processing each unit of polymer volume is decreased.

9.Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Steel UsedThe cylinder and screw use a special type of steel developed by a steel manufacturer and CTE, known for its resistance to wear and corrosion.




HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneading Extruder specifications

Model HTM-38 HTM-50 HTM-65 HTM-78 HTM-90
Screw diameter 38 50 65 78 90
Screw L/D 42:1 42:1 42:1 42:1 42:1
Screw rpm 800 800 700 700 600
Heater capacity 40 60 105 140 180
Moter capacity 22~37 45~75 90~160 160~250 250~350
Output(ABS)/Max 200 400 900 1,400 2,000

CTM型 2軸混錬押出機 寸法表


Extrusion Output(HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneading Extruder operation)

Resin Output(kg/h) Resin temp.(℃) Grade
ABS pellet + Bromine flame retardant 600~800 210~220 Injection
PP pellet + Talc 600~800 220~230 Injection
PP pallet + Talc 400〜500 230〜240 Sheet
PP pallet + Rubber + Talc 500〜700 210〜220 Injection
PP pellet + TiO2 400 〜 500 210〜220 M/B
HDPE + Talc 200〜300 240〜250 Sheet
LDPE+Carbon 300〜400 240〜250 M/B
Polycarbonate + Glass fiber 400〜500 290〜300 Injection
Polyamide 6-6 + Glass fiber 400〜500 290〜300 Injection

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